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English for Lawyers


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  • Anno Edizione: 2013
  • Edizione: IV Ed.
  • Formato: 17 x 24
  • Pagine: 224
  • Codice: 49
  • Isbn: 9788824437325
  • Prezzo: € 18,00
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      • Who is this book for?
        English for Lawyers is an intermediate level coursebook for law students and practising lawyers who need to use English for the study of the law and in the legal profession.
        It is suitable for both self-study and classroom use.
        The book focuses on a variety of legal topics such as the legal system, the court system, criminal law, contract law, international law and other areas of law. The topics have been selected to be used as the legal subject matter of the units.
        The legal concepts introduced in this book are those found both in the legal systems of the UK, and the USA.
        The purpose of English for Lawyers
        • To improve your ability to read and understand legal texts.
        • To develop your ability to write legal text types in English such as letters and emails.
        • To increase your knowledge of legal English terminology and specialist terms in both academic and professional contexts.
        • To familiarize with the kinds of tasks used in your professional area.
        The structure of the book
        English for Lawyers consists of 13 units.
        Each unit begins with a reading text which provides the topic area in question.
        Using authentic legal texts, the book introduces specific legal concepts accompanied by a wide range of tasks such as reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing activities all designed to consolidate learners’language skills.
        The final part of each unit is the Language Focus section, which does not teach basic English Grammar. It explains the form and the function of some structures which are typical of legal English. This will help learners to understand legal
        texts which contain these structures.
        Discuss and compare is a task suitable for encouraging the comparison of specific aspects of the English legal system with some other legal contexts.
        Every unit ends with a number of crucial legal concepts and a variety of relevant learning material.
        At the end of the book a brief history of the UK System of Government and a collection of the UK and US constitutional documents have been analysed.
        Test of Legal English Skills as well as Test of Legal English Correspondence will be valuable tools in preparing law students for the exam.
        The Answer key provides the solution to all the practice tests.
        An extensive Glossary of legal terms expands learners’ vocabulary and functional language.
      • Introduction
        1 The Legal System of England and Wales
        2 Public and Private Law
        3 International Law
        4 European Union Law
        5 The Court System
        6 Criminal Law and Civil Law
        7 Civil Claims
        8 The Legal Profession
        9 The Judiciary of England and Wales
        10 The Jury
        11 Sentencing
        12 Alternative Dispute Resolution
        13 Contract Law
        British Institutions
        14 The UK System of Government
        Historical documents
        15 The Constitution of the UK
        16 The Constitution of the US
        Test of Legal English Skills
        Test of Legal English Correspondence
        Answer Keys
        Legal Abbreviations